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When you plan for your new kitchen or new bathroom, the team at Harris kitchens have everything on hand to help you achieve success. What benchtops you choose can make or break your bathrooms and kitchen areas. Harris kitchens will strive to make sure your kitchen not only looks good but functions well. The flow of your space is important. Making decisions that will live with you and your family forever are important ones. Helping you through this process are the professionals at Harris Kitchens


The Choice In Benchtops


Your new benchtop will play a huge role in the performance of your surface areas. Come and sit with Brady from Harris Kitchens to see the many available benchtop styles. You probably don't realise the potential your space actually has. You might find a20mm bench suits your needs better than a 40mm benchtop. Waterfall edges and custom step-downs to well-concealed pull-outs and protective cupboards. Modern Benchtops, Traditional benches, Timber-top benchtops, stone inlays and many more.

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Your Benchtop Questions Answered

Can I have a timber kitchen benchtop?

Kitchen benchtops especially timber kitchen benchtops can be a difficult decision to make. Because Kitchens are hard-working areas within your home, the benchtops especially can take a beating. At Harris Kitchens, we say, “If you're into your kitchen, love cooking and all things food, we would advise against a timber kitchen benchtop”. Caesarstone or natural stone and even stainless steel would be a better choice for heavy kitchen users. You would find that after only a short time that your cooking platforms would become damaged from high usage. 

All that you're relying on is the clear coating to protect your benchtop from knife cuts, glass dents etc.

The only alternative for success is to have a benchtop made of timber and incorporate it to a small area as a feature to your already stone top kitchen benches.

Maybe you could add a butcher's block into your kitchen which is a timber topped island. A butcher block can be rejuvenated with a fresh piece of timber every 12 months or so. They are full of character and you can chop away, knowing that it will be replaced every year. It's a much better idea when considering timber,  especially within your kitchen.

Why Stainless steel benchtops.

Stainless steel is a very very durable surface to use in any kitchen design. Predominantly used in industrial kitchen areas for its hardwearing ability and solid construction. One of the cleanest surfaces to work against and one of the easiest services to clean.

The addition of stainless steel benchtops in your kitchen design or in your renovated kitchen can ad a modern industrial feel.  A kitchen with stainless steel benchtop can incorporate a waterfall Edge as well. And also look great against timber cabinetry. Ask Harris kitchens about the rating of the stainless steel used in kitchen designs.

One of the toughest services by far will be your new stainless steel benchtop. Very durable against staining of any kind. Your new stainless steel kitchen knives will look great against a new stainless steel benchtop.

What thickness do stone benchtops come in?

Stone benchtops come in many thicknesses from 20mm to 40mm to 100mm and at the extreme end 150mm. 

How do I repair a chip in my granite benchtop? 

There's no need to despair if you get a chip in your granite benchtop. There are companies on the market today that can create invisible repairs to any chip in your benchtop. If the chip is larger than your pinky nail then it may be considerably more difficult to repair.

Most chips, however, are small and can be fixed up relatively quickly. Epoxy resin is used matching the colour of your chosen benchtop. The resin is applied and forced into shape and allowed to harden and dry. The repairer will then sand the resin to the correct shape. Then high-speed polisher will polish your benchtop repair. 

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