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Castlereagh Kitchen Design and Creation

The client of this Freemans Reach kitchen required something very special.

The Ultimate stainless and timber modern kitchen. Producing this kitchen design required some thought from our team as to how we were to apply stainless steel alongside timber in a modern contemporary look and feel.

 The medium grey kitchen cabinetry colour was used as a neutral tone behind the classic kitchen timber product. A natural plank-style timber benchtop was to be married next to a very serviceable stainless steel kitchen benchtop with the oven inset.

A floating rangehood that came from me extended ceiling finished off the balance of this unique kitchen design.

 We knew that we had to have a crisp colour to finish off the cook prep area and so a mint pale blue was chosen behind the glass splashback.  Once the bench went into this space we knew we're on to something special.  It was the timber plank benchtop that married the two things together, industrial modern with earthy timber.

 The complete kitchen island was cut into 2 pieces, one side industrial the other side timber.  The floating cupboards above the sink we're setback to create a nice variation in the wall cabinetry.

 3 simple downlights splashed on to the mint glass illuminate the sink area.

 The light coming from the ceiling slat windows we knew would bounce off the stainless steel and help to illuminate the room.

By adding a bold stainless handle to the cupboards we had brought across the stainless bench feel to the cabinet doors.

This kitchen pantry door is a pull and spin style of cabinet door system and always receives a comment from visiting guests.

Harris Kitchens has created a Pitt Town kitchen using french provincial custom-designed joinery