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More than just a place to cook


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Your kitchen is more than just somewhere to cook 

A Tastefully designed kitchen is the heart of a home especially if it is an open plan as is often the case nowadays. It is commonplace to spend quality time with your loved ones cook and catch up with friends, enjoy a glass of wine with someone special or even have a bit of quiet time alone at the breakfast bar with all the ingredients for your favourite muesli at hand. Since it plays such a central role in your household your NEW custom kitchen should reflect your tastes and your style whilst also providing comfort and convenience.

Cabinet installation

Once your new kitchen or bathroom cabinets are manufactured we will have our dedicated team of kitchen installers who know exactly how it all fits together and install it for you.


Custom cabinets

Custom Cabinets Some very unusual and custom design kitchens and bathrooms come our way from time to time. 

We are often asked to think outside the box which we enjoy. It is very satisfying to complete custom cabinetry for our clients.


Kitchen Remodeling

If you require some sort of remodeling of the space being worked on. Designing & remodeling will surprise you with the space you actually have. Allow our team to show you some ideas you may not have seen yet.


Full Kitchen Renovations

Out with the old and in with the new. Harris Kitchens have completed hundreds of complete kitchen renovations. Every style imaginable and any design is possible. Replacement of floors, walls, ceilings, and windows is sometimes requested.


Use Of Space

When choosing the perfect kitchen units it is good practice to achieve the perfect storage space as well.

Only by selecting the right units for your kitchen layout and the right interior fittings can you be sure of maximum accessibility and convenience. Harris kitchens corner units and unit pull-outs make full use of your space. All your tools and ingredients will be within easy reach.



When planning your kitchen cabinet interiors, make sure you can access all the storage space available. Areas that are very high up or very low down, or very deep in the unit – can be hard to reach. Harris kitchens storage mechanisms and unique systems bring everything within easy reach every time.


Food Storage

The advantage of food storage is that you know exactly where to find what you want and you do not need to waste time looking for it. Organised food storage systems save you lots of time and money. It removes the need for walking around and, more importantly, it cuts out unnecessary duplicate purchases. Harris’s contemporary kitchen larder organisers are very versatile and can easily be altered to suit whatever you want to be stored.


Waste Disposal

Which piece of kitchen equipment is used most often? The waste bin, of course. With that in mind, it is worth spending a few minutes thinking about waste disposal when you plan your kitchen. After all, a well-planned waste system makes it a lot easier to clean up. A good waste system – like peka’s, for instance – should be modular and should be tailored to your requirements.



A Personal Space to revitalise YOU

The bathroom is a place to relax and find the beautiful you

At the end of the workday, we all come home to revitalise. From the children to the job and family, there is one place we don't feel complete without. Our bathrooms. Your bathroom should be a place of relaxation and pampering whether your a man or a woman. A zone within our homes that takes away the stresses of our hard days and makes us fresh again. Incorporating a beautiful bathroom into any home will help to find our happy place again and again.



When it comes to ensuites and bathrooms your benchtops can really make a statement. Timber benchtops are becoming very popular with new bathroom choices. They add warmth to the bathroom like nothing else. A classic choice for the bathroom renovation area can be natural stone or Caesarstone. Very easy to maintain and terrific in wet areas. Most bathrooms will stick to a slim 20 mm benchtop some people will push to 40 mm



Start to think about your tapware when you have a new bathroom design. Bathroom tapware can make or break the bathroom functionality. In the past 10 years or so we've seen a booming bathroom trend in coloured tapware. Pastel colours are now being used along with black, copper, and gold. Black bathroom tapware will need a little extra cleaning maintenance but nothing that would bother a normal lifestyle.


Think about the type of spouts and tap handles that are available. Harris Kitchens showroom at Vineyard will show you a huge range of bathroom tapware. From long floor mounts to wall spouts of every shape and size. Your new bathroom will be your favourite room.



Bathtubs come in many shapes and sizes. Your new bathroom deserves a statement piece. Stone bathtubs have become more popular these days but can be quite expensive. Traditional clawfoot baths tubs have made a re-emergence lately. These contemporary bathrooms being designed a lot more. Acrylic bathtubs have been perfected through technology making them a good choice. They can be built in any shape and can be made in any colour.


Bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinetry and Joinery is what Hariss kitchens Pride itself on. From floating cabinets to recessed shelves and many more. The finish you choose your bathroom cabinets and cupboards will no doubt will go towards the look and the field finished bathroom. If you are undertaking a bathroom renovation the new cupboards in your bathroom can make all the difference when opening up displace.



When choosing your shower area, in your new bathroom layout, take the time look around at what works best. Glass shower panels are a common choice amongst bathroom renovators.  Glass shower screens don't obstruct the space at all and have a very modern look.

Whether you choose hinged door access or maybe a barn door slider, with glass it will look terrific. In larger bathrooms, some people opt for open showers with no glassware. You just have to be careful where the water will land and this is why a large bathroom area is required for open showers. Chat with your bathroom specialist with regards to drainage.

If you have a two-headed shower you need better drainage than a single. In older homes limited in space, some people choose the bathtub shower from yesteryear. these can work well if the home style has followed the yesteryear style. Clean and still functional for the children at shower time.


Bathroom mirrors

If you're undertaking bathroom renovations or building a new home consider the choices and types of Mirrors you will place. Having a great mirror can be a conversation piece in your bathroom. Harris kitchens have mounted mirrors of all shapes and sizes into new bathrooms. Visit our website gallery to see all your options.



Consider the family

Almost all of Harris kitchen renovations or new fixtures will require benchtops.

Your benchtop is the very first thing your guests and friends will see. Having a beautiful benchtop in your new bathroom or kitchen will determine the look and feel of the finished job.

Benchtops are an item we touch and feel every day. Your family, eat and talk over the kitchen bench almost every evening. We work at the benchtop every day of our lives, preparing dinner for the family and eating breakfast. It's most important that you don't shortcut on this element within your family home because a beautiful benchtop can be a conversation piece.

Choose the correct colours for your benchtop from dramatic and edgy to simple and understated.

A functional benchtop must be considered.

A touch of glamour

At Harris kitchens, we have a wide selection of different stone effects and finishes. Natural stone benchtops are available to all our clients. Having an impressive workspace within your kitchen is easily achieved when you choose Harris Kitchens and Joinery. 

Let your bathroom ooze style with a glamorous benchtop finish. Timber benchtops, natural stone benchtops, man-made stone benchtops, and even stainless steel benchtops are materials that have been chosen for many of our designs.

Caesarstone benchtops

Man-made stone benchtops. When creating man-made stone, the possibilities are endless with regards to colour end pattern. Whether you prefer a simple plane colour or whether you love a reflective aggregate look, you can have it all.

With products such as Caesarstone, Cultured marble, Corian and many others. Check out the wide range of man-made stone products at Harris Kitchens and Joinery, showroom. Also supplied in 20 mm 40 mm 60 mm and 100 mm

Natural stone benchtops

Every piece of natural stone is unique and unlike any other. You get to choose the grain, the look, the feel, and the colour when choosing natural stone for your benchtops.

Natural stone benchtop's performance is durable and serves throughout many many homes. It's the ease of cleaning which makes this an easy choice when renovating your kitchen or bathroom. Stain-resistant to a degree it is a very hard-wearing product.

Add a touch of class to your new kitchen or bathroom. Can be finished in 20 mm 40 mm 60 mm and 100 mm

Timber benchtops

Harris Kitchens and Joinery can help you with your new kitchen or bathroom renovation. What benchtops you choose can make or break your bathrooms and kitchen. Timber is becoming a popular choice, especially with bathrooms because it adds warmth to the area that stone just can't do. The warm tones of a timber benchtop will always be commented on by your guests. There will be some extra care as timber is a pliable, almost living object and can damage easily if you're careless. The types of timber vary and so do their colours. From maple to black butte, Oregon, Ash and many more types of timber can be used to create stunning benchtops in your home.



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A practical kitchen designed with you in mind

Kitchens are usually planned on a computer using simulations to help you visualise what your kitchen will be like before it is built. However hay Kitchens interior is as equally important as it's exterior. Having a ready response to every storage need makes your life so much easier. So when you are planning your kitchen, take a minute to consider where you can store your groceries, pots and pans, cleaning products, tableware and more. Use the best use of space and always have the items you want on hand when you need them. We can offer a wealth of practical advice to help you create the kitchen you want. A practical kitchen designed with you in mind. 


Mirrored Splashbacks

Mirrored splashbacks have become a popular choice for new kitchen designs. Using the reflective quality of a mirror as a splashback can add a dynamic and elegant new look to your new kitchen. The mirror used in a splashback scenario can add the optical illusion of larger benchtops and bigger kitchen space.


New kitchen designs using mirrored splashbacks can have smoked mirrors, Straight mirrors and tinted mirrors. By adding a mirror for a splashback you double the size of your bench appearance and cooktops and sink areas. These Splashbacks can be a little tricky when your cooking appliance is against them.