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Harris kitchens will put out all the stops to ensure that your kitchen not only looks good but also make sure work is easier. From spacious Larder pull out units and smart corner storage solutions to handy bin systems. Harris kitchens ingenious mechanisms and kitchen furniture fittings will soon have you feeling right at home in your new or renovated kitchen.


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The Kitchen Layout


Your new kitchen layout will play a huge role in the performance of your kitchen. Come and sit with Brady from Harris Kitchens to see the many available styles and layouts of kitchens available to you. You may not realise the potential your space actually has. You might find a galley kitchen suits your needs better than a u-shaped kitchen. Oversized kitchen Islands to well-concealed butler's pantries. L-shaped kitchens, U-shaped kitchens, galley-style kitchens, open plan kitchen layouts and many more.


Your Kitchen Questions Answered

How long will it take to renovate my kitchen?

Kitchen renovations are normally taking a couple of weeks to fully install and clean up. Obviously the more intricate and customise your cabinetry is for your new kitchen the longer it may take. 95% of your new kitchen cabinetry will be produced at our kitchen Factory. Once all the kitchen cabinets are constructed we then deliver and install to your home. Obviously we do not book a time to install your new kitchen cabinetry until we have all appliances sinks taps additional fittings.

What appliances do I need to choose for my new kitchen renovation? 

Your new kitchen will require an oven or ovens in the case of two ovens. The choice of sink that we will be installing dishwashers and cooktops for your kitchen. If you are building a coffee machine into the custom cabinetry you will need to have that pre-ordered so we can use the measurements for your new joinery.

Fridge specifications we will definitely need so as to complete a smart and very uniform looking kitchen for you. Generally speaking all of your fitted appliances we will need the measurements to work them into your new kitchen.

What choices of benchtops do I have when building my new kitchen?

There are many types of benchtops to choose from in the creation of your stunning kitchen. Please view our benchtop galleries and splashback galleries so that you can make an informed decision on the type of finish for your family kitchen.

Can I have two sinks in my new kitchen instead of One?

Having two sinks in your kitchen can be helpful. If you are a heavy kitchen user and cook many meals it can be a blessing to have 2 sinks. A great rinse off area, not to mention extra cleaning areas too. Having two sets of thinks you could fill one with water for soaking vegetables and other ingredients. All the while using the other things for cleaning rinsing and other cooking purposes. A great idea if you have space.

What's the benefit of kitchens with two ovens?

The benefit of having two ovens is that you can cook a lot more food in a short amount of time. Imagine Christmas dinner being able to cook a turkey and baked potatoes in one oven while you're pork and ham are cooking in the other. With two ovens in your new kitchen, you can push out a vast array of meals in shorter time periods. Sometimes when you're cooking in your kitchen you need different temperatures in your oven for different baking procedures.

You can have one oven set to 100 degrees Celsius whilst cooking in a hotter oven at the 210 degrees Celsius. A huge benefit to the home chef and busy large families at dinner time. Yes having two ovens in your new kitchen design and layout is definitely the way to go.

Will there be a lot of dust when my new kitchen goes in?

When having any major renovation all home improvements carried out you can always expect some dust especially in the room being altered or improved. The team from Haris Kitchens can easily block living spaces and entryways to other rooms with plastic block sheets. Plastic block sheets stop 90% of any dust reaching throughout your home. When Brady comes to view your home he will have a better understanding of dust elimination and keeping the work area clean for your family.

Professional kitchen and bathroom fitters will always have to cut and modify whilst on the job. It would be impossible to expect your new kitchen or new bathroom could be installed by any Joinery company or cabinet maker without having some sort of impact with regards to dust. Professional kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters know this for two well and always take steps to keep the work area as clean as possible. 

What is best for my kitchen sink a flip mix or taps?

When you choose a flip mix system or traditional hot and cold taps is a personal choice. Since the invention of the flick mixer, it has revolutionized most kitchen sinks. The most common feedback is less cleaning of the kitchen sink. If you think about it, it's one tap vs two taps.

A flick mixer is generally easier to get your temperature corrected as well. Turn left for cool, turn to the right for warm. Pretty easy to understand. What you choose for your new bathroom or kitchen renovation is entirely up to you. But statistically, flick mixer wins most of the time. If you're just going for a country-style or Heritage look, then you must stick with the hot and the cold tap system. There are some beautiful hot and cold tap systems available today. Ask Brady about the different systems available

I've heard that garbage Disposals are handy. Should I install one? 

Garbage disposals have been around for many years. A very handy device for chewing up vegetable scraps, old tea bags kitchen waste bits. Care must be taken so nothing metal drops into the waist. If metal dropped into your garbage disposal and it is switched on you can ruin the grinding teeth and cause a lot of damage. 

Will my kitchen quote increase at the end of my new kitchen renovation?

Kitchen quotes and bathroom quotes will be worked out and supplied as close as possible with all factors included in the job. The only reason that a quote for a kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation should change could be if your cabinetmaker stumbles over a problem that was unforeseen.

Something like a wiring issue or plumbing problem that was hidden out of view. Quite possibly you could have dampness in the walls or floor which was unforeseen and maybe needing repair. It is unlikely but always could happen. Harris kitchens team of professionals will always notify you of a change in price due to unforeseen circumstances.

They will always seek your advice before moving forward. It doesn't happen often but it does occur from time to time that adjustments must be made.

How do I know my new kitchen cabinets are made of good quality material?

In year's gone by, kitchens were made from a revolutionary new type of timber board. Called particle board it was a compressed woodchip kind of panel system. The problem with the early particleboard is that it was very weak when you screwed into it with hinges and door handles etc.

Today however technology and improvements in particleboard have come along way. The MDF kitchen cabinetry boards of today are far superior to what they used to be. Kitchen companies and cabinet makers can now rely on a strong MDF product for all the kitchen cabinetry and custom Joinery.

There is even a new MDF product which is waterproof. Waterproof MDF is brilliant for outdoor kitchens and hard-wearing wet areas within your home. Being able to hose off your outdoor cooking area and not worry about the cabinets swelling up is a huge Leap forward for kitchen cabinet makers.

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