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At Harris kitchens, we pride ourselves on perfect bathroom cabinetry and joinery. From floating cabinets to recessed shelves and many more. If you are looking at a new style of bathroom undertaking a bathroom renovation the new cupboards and inclusions in your bathroom can make all the difference when opening up space.


Larger Bathrooms

Smaller Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

The Bathroom Layout


Your new bathroom layout will play a huge role in the performance of your wash area. Come and sit with Brady from Harris Kitchens to see the many available bathroom styles and layouts. You probably do not realise the potential your space actually has. You might find an open plan bathroom suits your needs better than a separate toilet set up. Oversized bowls and bathtubs to well-concealed laundry chutes and cupboards. Modern Bathrooms, Traditional bathrooms, Timber-top bathrooms, concealed toilet systems and many more.


Your Bathroom Questions Answered

How much time do I need to allow for my bathroom renovation?

Bathroom renovations do not take as long as a full kitchen renovation. Because a bathroom is a smaller room within your home and doesn't require as much cabinetry and joinery it will be slightly less time to complete.

Waterproofing any areas will require a short time to seal and dry before we can install your new bathroom renovation. If you've ordered new sinks and the new bathtub and shower accessories we will wait until we have them delivered and ready before we start work.

Do I need a tiler when my bathroom gets renovated? 

Nine times out of ten when we are working on bathroom renovations we will indeed require tiling services. Harris kitchens tradesman create the best bathroom renovations.

What fittings do I need to choose for my new Bathroom renovation? 

Your new bathroom will require new sinks and bathtub. The choice of sink that we will be installing will depend upon your desired style and taste. If you are building a new bathroom with custom features you will need to have those pre-ordered so we can use the measurements for your new joinery.

Tapware specifications we will definitely need so as to complete a smart and very uniform looking bathroom for you. Generally speaking all of your fitted appliances we will need the measurements to work them into your new bathroom.

What choices of benchtops do I have when building my new bathroom?

There are many types of benchtops to choose from in the creation of your stunning new bathroom. Please view our benchtop galleries and splashback galleries so that you can make an informed decision on the type of finish for your family kitchen.

Can I have two basins in my new bathroom instead of One?

Having two basins in your bathroom can be helpful. If you have the space to include two basins it can be a blessing so that you will have your own space. A great private grooming area, not to mention extra bench space usually.

For the men, no more messy makeup on the bowl. For the women, no more whiskers from shaving to annoy you.

How much time does it take to fit my new bathtub?

The time needed to fit your new bathtub will depend on the type of bathtub you're going for. If you have an enclosed bathtub that requires tiling then this would take little longer. First, it has to be fitted and plumbed in and then boxed in.

If you have a freestanding bathtub being installed it still has to be plumbed in and then sealed to the tiled floor in your bathroom. A clawfoot bath, however, sits on its own legs and does not get the seal to the floor. Clawfoot bathtub store vintage style bathtubs still have to be plumbed in the floor drain. It would be fair to assume that if you allow one day to have your new bathtub fitted it could easily be managed. However, a boxed-in style of bath could take a little longer given the tiling process.

Will somebody be able to help me with my choice of tiles in my bathroom renovation?

New kitchen tiles and new bathroom tiles are ever-growing In Style, size and complexity. By viewing Harris kitchens online kitchen galleries and bathroom galleries you will see a great cross-section of ideas used by previous clients in their bathroom renovations and new kitchen ideas.

Brady from Harris kitchens can give you the best advice on the types of tiles used. Brady's contacts in the tile industry are extensive over the many years. He can help you design the best look and feel your home renovations for your new home fit-outs. Bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles will become the backdrop to your new bathroom joinery. By visiting Harris kitchens online galleries will give you a great understanding of ideas and design.

How much is a bathroom renovation?

The cost of renovating a bathroom will vary on a few factors. If you have a small bathroom the cost would be quite minimal. Fewer tiles, Less tapware and less everything really. If you have a huge bathroom with his and hers basins, toilet, his and her shower and all the bells and whistles, it is likely that your bathroom renovation will cost you more.

Putting a specific price on your bathroom renovation is difficult and cannot be worked out until you know to the extent what your choices are with regards to your new tapware, bathtub, toilet and Basins. The tiles you choose can I have a huge difference in the cost of renovating a bathroom. We have seen Versace tiles at a price of $400 per square metre down to basic 600 by 400 white tiles at a cost of $60 a square metre in some cases or went on special. A difficult question to answer.

What choice of timber is best used in a bathroom?

By far the best timber choice in any home renovation or design area is hardwood timber. Hardwood Timbers are denser and a lot tougher and more moisture-resistant than a softwood timber. Ultimately no matter what choice you make must be it must be sealed extremely well especially in wet areas.

Check out Harris kitchen online galleries in the benchtop section see the different styles of timber used throughout kitchen and bathroom designs. In all of our Sydney kitchen bathroom designs, we offer the best design advice you and your family.

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